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The bride

If you dream about a bride it can mean many things. If you haven't been yet a bride it means you will soon lose the youth autonomy. If you have been a bride before it means you want things to be as it were when you got married and there were so many promises. In some cultures the white color is the sign for mourning and then the bride means a big sorrow.

In the spiritual life the bride is the stage where you prepare for a superior level in which you also include the male component – animus (see Carl Jung).

If you interpret form a Freudian perspective you must check the associations for the word „bride". Based on this you can understand the hidden desire expressed in this dream.


The snake is a universal symbol. In the Bible it is the temptation, and thus, synonym with the irresistible attraction to transgress the Creator's demands. Based on this it is an evil symbol which announces disasters and never ending sufferance. The snake is also a sexual symbol, in the same context of the forbidden fruit. It suggests the erotic connection and its delights which are not separated of fear or guilt.

The snake is also a symbol of periodic renewal – because it sloughs - and based on this it is a symbol of eternity and eternal life. In alchemy we find the Ouroboros, the snake which swallows its tail, a symbol of the self-created universe which is self sufficient.

From a physiologic point a view the snake can suggest the vegetative nervous system which governs our instinctual life.

The snake is an invertebrate – it can suggest the capacity to adapt or fold on environment circumstances and starting from here the idea of social opportunism. The snake can be the immoral person who follows his own purposes without giving up to basic moral demands.

In the New Will the snake is wise but even in the Dravidian mythology it possesses transcendental knowledge or it's even the guardian of the most precious treasure – namely the Self in Jung's psychology.


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