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Dreams Meaning

From ancient times people thought dreams had a meaning. That they transmit the dead ancestors', totems and gods' will and that, basically, they have  a precognitive function. They help us guess the future.

Dreams and their meaningIn the Greco-roman world we find the first theories about dream interpretation practice. Dreams are carefully and seriously systemized and studied. Thus it is discovered not all dreams have a meaning and not all of them announce future events, that some of them are simply produced by our organs excitement during sleep or by our desires and fears. Authors who have written critical dream books in antiquity are Artemidor and Macrobius.

Their theories, as well as the primitive world theories are extensively presented and illustrated with examples in our course regarding methods of dreams interpretation. Check as well the "course" section on this website.

The last great authors who dedicated a part of their life to thoroughly study dream significance are Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. You can find out more about their theories in the corresponding sections from this website as well as from our courses dedicated to them see the "courses" section.

In short, Freud focused on the need accomplishment aspect of the dream. Freud used dream interpretation in his psychotherapeutic work with patients suffering from affective disorders.

Jung went on and added supplementary information regarding dreams significance which compensate our life's unilateralism bringing a broader sense towards a total accomplishment called self accomplishment or individuation process.

Many of Jung and Freud's theories about the dreams meaning and interpretation are explained in the technical dictionary.

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