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Dreams meaning is always a matter of interpretation. The tradition points to the prophetic insight in dreams. To the antique interpreter the dream shows the future, that is, things that will happen in the life of people, kings and even countries.

Nowadays we learn that dreams may reveal our inner realities such as our secret wishes (unconscious) or spiritual accomplishment, depending on the dream guide we follow: Freudian or Jungian.

This course is about how to work with your dreams by following a modern guide. You'll learn about the path of approaching your dreams and mainly their meaning.

This course is written with accessibility in mind. Moreover you don't need any further materials in order to start working with your dreams right now. See the list of lessons below.

    1. A simple definition of Dream
    2. About How to Collect Your Dream
    3. Establishing the Dream Context
    4. About Using the Free Associations Method
    5. What if you don't get free associations?
    6. Methods of interpretation
    7. What Your Dream Really Mean
    8. Symbols in Dreams
    9. About Prophecy through Dreams
    10. Dreams and Health.

The course is made of 10 short lessons delivered as email messages directly to your email address. All you need is an email address and access to it. You can save the lessons on CD/DVD or request a PDF version for your reader. And what is worth, you benefit from our continuous updates free of charge!

Workshop. Upon the course completion you'll be able to submit your dream interpretation for further assistance.

Price: $25

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